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The Platform

What is SavvySeed?

SavvySeed is a crowdfunding platform that facilitates the seed funding process by enabling existing and future companies to create their own digital securities that can be issued to investors in exchange for funding an early-stage company or project.

Why are we building this?

The current market for early-stage funding is largely dominated by venture capital firms and investment funds, limiting most independent investors to opportunities in traditional financial markets. Our goal with this platform is comprised of two parts: to provide a place for retail investors to invest in early-stage projects, and to provide a streamlined method for founders seeking first or second round funding to connect directly with investors without involving large venture capital firms or depending on their own network to find angel investment. By bridging this gap between founders and retail investors, we believe we can create a new paradigm of early stage investing.

How does this work?

Under the SEC’s Regulation Crowdfunding exemption for small businesses, we will be able to issue digital assets that represent an equity ownership of a company by leveraging the Ethereum blockchain and smart-contract capabilities of the associated ERC-20 standard. By registering with FINRA and the SEC and maintaining conformance with KYC and AML laws, these digital assets will be fully compliant with existing U.S. securities regulations. 

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